Why Don’t We Work Hard AND Smart?

People keep saying Work smarter, Not Harder. Is it something people just repeat without knowing what smart work really is? Why don’t we Work hard AND Smart?

For a long time I worked hard and I thought that I was working smart too. Turns out I was wasting most of my time on social media watching stupid videos and generally not producing enough work to see the life changing results I was expecting. And I know I’m not the only one. We are all guilty of it to some level.

To be fair, it can be really hard to stay focus on the task at hand. What with all that is happening all of the time in our life in general! But as a digital Marketer. You have to use social medias. Actually not just use them, master them (at least one anyway). And as I’m sure you know all too well, social media are the worst when it comes to unwanted distractions.

I use them a lot to generate leads. FB, twitter, G+, Instagram, Pinterest. There is so much to do and share that I’ve had to come up with ways to cut out the noise and distraction. Here is what I do:

1 – I Schedule most of my post for the week and invite new friends every Monday morning for 2 hours. That way I only need to go back to Facebook for an hour a day to comment, like and to administer my daily dose of fun and value. Outside of that hour you will only find me on messenger (with facebook closed) talking to people. There are a lot less distractions there.

2 – This one is a biggy! TURN OFF all kind of notifications, mobile, desktop, sound, popup, push notification, whatever notification. TURN IT OFF! It will free you from the constant battle that is raging online for your attention! Get back your freedom and choose when you check your accounts. Not the other way around. Don’t let Facebook control your time.

It’s done wonder to my concentration and to my money making and lucrative activities.

3 – We are lucky enough this days to have access to a lot tools to automate postings. My favourite and by far is iftt.com. It’s FREE if you can believe it! It allows you to post something on Instagram for example and then automatically propagate your content to all your social media accounts (Facebook, twitter, pinterest, G+) saving you lots of time and hassle. It actually can do a lot more like regulate your heating at home but I’ll let you find out about that.

4 -Now let’s address the elephant in the room. YOU! How self-discipline are you?                                                              Don’t get up set when I say that, I’m not judging you! I’m as guilty as the next marketer! More than I’d like to admit! I do it too, bumming around from one post to an other, doing nothing to grow my online business. When I catch myself doing that I close whatever post or video that I was watching, curse myself for being such a sucker for dogs and cats video (and all animal in general…..really like Panda videos) and get back to work.

Like any new habits it takes time to assimilate! But if you stick to it you will see that your efforts were well worth your while. Just like if you were to go to the gym 3 times per week every week for a year! You would see a hell of a difference and everyone around you would too.

Since this slap in the face HAHA moment my marketing game is a lot more efficient.

I work Smart because I’m spending more time selling and doing profitable activities, this is what will bring in profit. Nothing else.

So simple and yet so efficient.

And I work Hard because that is the way I am, I like to get involve and talk to people, I’m perpetually learning, mastering and sharing with my team. That’s the way I like to run my business, a business based on service and value. People in my team get one on one training, freebies, ready made social media post, lead magnets and all the right resources are made available to them. That way they can hit the ground running. Of course I’m only here to bridge the gap, my Mentor, his system and his team of awesome people will do most of the work for us. We just follow a few simple steps, take action upon them and leverage a time tested money making machine.


I hope you found value in this post but mostly I hope you will apply what you’ve learned.

Get in touch, drop a comment.

Would love to hear from you

Until then


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