Why Is Mind Set So Important?

I’ll be honest I’ve struggled with that one for a very long time. I never really understood why is mind-set so important?

Back in 2010, when we (the family and I) left the UK after living there for 15 years. I was a fairly confident dude. I had enjoyed a 10 years career in the post production industry. Started as a runner and made my way up the ladder all the way to studio manager and post production supervisor. (if you are interested you can find my film credits on the about page)

The Entrepreneur bug had not quite bite me yet and I was still very job/career orientated. But writing this now I see the premises of what was to come.

We were staying at a friends house for our last couple of weeks in London. One night I was talking with my buddy about my plans for my new career. How I wanted to work in the music industry now but not for work “THE FAT CAT” again. This new job would have a positive impact on people lives, something meaningful, something I could really get my teeth in to, something that needed to be build from the ground up, something to be passionate about. 

I was tuned in and confident in my ability to rebound. BUT there was no way I was going back to work as a waiter or as a chef. 

My first job when I was 14 was in restaurant. (got me out of school and making money) That became my “career” and I worked in many different businesses until I got my shot at working in the film industry. I was SO sick of it when I was finally able to quite.  

Guess what happened????

First job opportunity and I mean actually falling into my lap on a silver platter…………

A Freaking CHEF!!!!

I was just visiting my brother in law and the restaurant down the road had their chef walk out on them that very morning and were looking for someone to replace him!!! They knew my brother in law and had just came knocking in case he knew someone.

Synchronicity in all of it’s glory!!!

It was a nice and small restaurant that could seat around 35 people at one time. It only opened at lunch time during the week, the rest of the time it was just a bar. The owners were 2 really cool ladies.The pay wasn’t bad at all I was surprised to find out and I would be the only chef with “carte blanche” on the daily menu.

I took five minutes to think about it all. I had declared many times to friends and family that there was NO WAY I was EVER going to work in a restaurant AGAIN. And here was the universe giving me exactly what I didn’t want. 

“What the hell universe? you having a laugh!!!!”

And as unwilling as I was. I knew not to ignore synchronistic event like this, I bit the proverbial bullet, took the job and tried to be the best chef I could. 

It was actually good fun! I love cooking good food, home made mummy style. So that’s exactly what I did and the clients loved it. Within a month we were fully booked every lunch time. 

About 3 months later, an other brother in law of mine ( I got 4 lol ), calls me to explain he just bumped into an old work relation of his and that this guy was looking for a production supervisor for a new show he was putting together all financed by the city. I met him that same week and within an hour of talking he offered me the job.

We were to create a brand new show, (budget 500k) that would spam over 5 months every year for at least three years. Involving over a 1000 singers from all over the city (mainly suburbs), with musicien and artists from all over the world. 

I wasn’t feeding “THE FAT CAT”, I was in the music business, my work had a positive impact on thousands of people from all walks of life. I had landed the exact job I had described just a few months ago. 

Again when this kind of synchronicity happen’s you need to take a minute and pay attention!!

Without the right mindset this would have never happened.

I had made the right choice to follow my instinct and I was being rewarded for patiently and purposefully playing along. It’s an amazing feeling.

To this day the show still exist and attracted no less than 6000 spectators last of November. 

It difficult to describe the “right” mindset but through life experience, paying attention to my thoughts, my surrounding and seeing the effects on my life for me it comes down to:

Accept that life will take you on a scenic route to your goals and that it’s OK.

Believe and work towards your goals, nobody else is going to do it for you.

Play along and always look for the silver lining, 

Search for lessons in everything that happens to you.

Learn from them.

Be resilient to the negativity around you.  

Take a break but don’t you dare quite on yourself.

I’ve applied those same principals to my online endeavours and trust me it has NOT been easy.

I’ve been thoroughly tested, near breaking point. It has been a nightmare, at times. 

I kept running into walls…I don’t know if you can relate? 

Eventually I realised I needed help. After searching high and low for a real mentor. After looking at many, many “gurus” offers, I narrowed it down to two.

And I choose the partner with one….

Best decision I ever made. All of sudden I was among peers, like minded individuals on a mission.

I had not just one but three mentors with weekly live coaching. Daily catch up and motivation with the man himself. And an actual map and tools to leverage internet the right and ethical way and finally create a steady income and a business that will last.

And it all started with a video training. A simple and direct video explaining exactly what I was doing wrong all this time and most importantly WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT.

You can watch this new video from my mentor, through this special back door link. You’ll never look at online marketing the same way.



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