Think you know your Goals? Try this first.

If you read my first and previous post The Brand Spanking New Successful You you will have hopefully understood the power of setting up goalsLearning this skill as soon as possible will save you years of wandering aimlessly.

There is no getting around it. Setting your goals is the first thing a mentor or coach will ask you to do! They know because that’s what they did to get started and that’s what they still do to keep going. Remember it’s a never ending, ongoing process!

Obviously, everyone wants the good stuff. The ideal carefree life: Everybody wants to be loved and rich, to have great life experiences and relationships. Travel the world, being able to help your family and friends.

I mean who wouldn’t want that? Right? The good life!

But if you ask yourself: “What do I want to achieve in this lifetime?” and if your answer is as vague and pointless as:”I want to be happy and be successful!” then you probably need to go back to the drawing board and start narrowing down on some exact and precise goals that you can act upon.

Ok, so let’s try something different. Ask yourself this:

How much pain am I ready to go through? How bad do I want this? How hard am I willing to work for this? Is star wars getting worst or am I just getting old?

Getting rich without the risk, the work, the pain, without the journey needed to get there does not exist! If this kind of stuff still gets your attention, there’s probably not much anyone can do to help you. You might as well play the lottery and hope for the best. And that’s the problem! Most people will decide not to pay the price and hope to strike lucky somehow.

Online marketing is very rewarding and can be very lucrative and like most jobs there are some boring and repetitive stuff that most people won’t even want to bother with. But make no mistake, having the ability to do what you know you must do, even when you don’t 
feel like it, is the difference between living and dreaming your life away.

You know something? Successful people just do all the stuff other people don’t! They go the extra mile! That’s it! They just get-it-bloody-done!

If you want to start your own business or become financially independent, you need to understand you’ll probably have to work long hours, go to bed late and wake up early, learn new stuff, get out of your comfort zone and take action. But if you do and you stick to it, you will see results!

Now let’s not kid ourselves here! You WILL run into problems, guaranteed! But with the right mindset, you WILL overcome them. Learn the art of turning a negative into a positive my friend! That’s how we grow! We learn through our life experiences and apply gained knowledge to our day to day.

So the question we all need to ask ourselves is not “What do I want to achieve in life?” But “Am I willing to pay the price to get there?”

I hear a lot of crap like “If you want it bad enough, it will happen!” Just wanting something never got anyone anything! Consistent and systemised Actions will do that!

You must know what price you are willing to pay to achieve your goals. If you want the good life, you will have to pay the price.

So if after months or years you feel you are no closer to reaching your goals. Ask yourself this

“I know what I want but Am I willing to pay the price?”

Now that, if answered honestly, will tell you what your real goals are and how serious you are about getting shit done! That answer is what you need before leaping forward! You might find that answer come as a surprise to you. It’s possible that you don’t really want what you’ve been chasing. Maybe you just like the idea of wanting it.

It’s always the hard questions that matters.

That simple question changed my life. It allowed me to know exactly where to start, what to do every step of the way – and have a crystal clear vision of what it takes to earn a consistent income online.

It all comes down to knowing exactly WHAT to do… and WHEN to do it.

Most people over-complicate things. A LOT.

Go here next and I’ll simplify everything for you…

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All the best for now.


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