Systems vs Tactics

You know, product creators don’t sell systems……They sell tactics.

After all, tactics don’t help people without a proven system!

Therefore… consistent consumption is inevitable.

Tactics, enhance systems. Without a system, tactics provide ONLY short-term results.

A quick fix for the Instant gratification junkies. A band aid for people who love the illusion.

And yes, people love their illusions.Waking up… and facing truths… is not nice.

It’s uncomfortable.

As long as folk are getting their instant gratification, they will gladly stave off any thought of long term failure.

If it doesn’t exist today – it doesn’t exist at all. There’s always tomorrow.

When you read a headline like…

“How I Earned $17.345.76 in 3 weeks And How You Can Too

The first part of the headline is based around a system. The second part is a tactic.

System = “How I Earned $17.345.34 In 3 Weeks”

Tactic = “And How You Can Too”

The claims may be accurate, but misleading nonetheless. We’re not in a science lab. No replication of someone else’s tactics will produce the same results. Too many variables. This claims should not be taken literally.

So, what is a bunch of aspiring online marketers following others tactics without their own system… and still expecting to get the same results.

Crazy, isn’t it?

And these are the same people who are trying to create a business online. A business requires thinking. But too often and for too many, thinking is just too much work.

So? what kind of products do you think the vast majority of marketers are creating ?

Products that require no thinking. Done for you this – and done for you that. Tactic based products that promise instant results, even though logically, those tactic based products can only work well inside an already proven to work system.

It’s the list building without the email marketing. Affiliate marketing without the product creation.                Traffic without the funnel.


It takes people years before they realize this. Some, never do. Why? A couple of reasons. For some it’s the pull of Instant gratification and wanting to believe in fairy tales. Others are just cheapskates looking for their success Inside a $17 product.

Either way. There’s no shortage of customers for the junk peddling marketers out there selling the
dream. It’s not surprising people are feeling lost, overwhelmed, frustrated and lacking a clear direction.

After all, they’re constantly being fed tiny pieces of a big puzzle, rather than being given the whole thing. Remember, without your own system, it’s foolish to believe you can replicate another marketers results simply by following their tactics.

The Key Is In The System, Not The Tactic

When you get the complete puzzle laid out in front of you – and not just the pieces, you’ll find great relief.

Suddenly, it’s like a fog has been lifted, the dark clouds pass over… and… for the first time you can see a clear path opening up before you. You’ll then see exactly what tactics are needed to fit perfectly into your puzzle.

I wish I could tell you that it never happened to me but that would be a big fat lie. I did the exact same mistake and spent so much money on useless product.

Thankfully not everyone is out to scam or sell you rubbish. Some people really do care. And I was lucky enough to find one of them! We are actually business partners now and his advises have literally transformed me from a CONSUMER to a PRODUCER.

Among other things I learnedthe 3 building blocks to online success This is the system that is responsible for changing my life and countless others.

Go here next so I can tell you all about my proven system…                                                                  the 3 building blocks to online success

You’ll be glad you did.


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