Self Liquidating Funnel – Build A List While Making Sales

Before I tell you all about the Self Liquidating Funnel and how you can build a list while making sales, I need to touch on a few points. We’ve all heard it before, “The money is in the list” and while it is true, it’s not as easy as it sounds. Below are the steps you’ll need to take to build your own list.

Find offers or products to sale in your niche market.

This must be on-demand products that will bring real value to your customers, not some “how I made $754.67 in 5 minutes, without traffic, website or actually doing anything pdf over the shoulder training blah blah blah!!” Please don’t be that kind marketer offer real solutions to your list! 1 or 2 products won’t do! You’ll need to keep finding new offers and never run out of things to sell.

Build your squeeze page

Buy a domain name from bluehost and start building your squeeze page using software like . Back in the days, it would have been a lot more complicated and expensive but thanks to drag and drop site builders anyone can do it. Brings down the learning curve from a few months to a few hours, no kidding!!

Get an autoresponder account

Of course, you are welcome to do your own research but after having tried a few providers I now only work with Aweber. If you are just starting out you’ll get a 30 days free trial, their plans are very affordable and offer the best email deliverability in the business. Create your first list and write daily email follow up with links to the products you are selling.


Your landing page is looking good, you’ve tested that everything is working properly and redirecting to your products links. You’ve managed to subscribe to your own list, you are receiving the follow-up and the links inside your emails are firing as they should.

Send traffic, track, split-test and optimize

Obviously, you are serious about your online marketing effort and your next move is to send targeted paid traffic to your site. Good sources of traffic should be reliable, in your control and scalable. They can be cheap if you know what you are doing. Ideally, you are tracking all of your traffic with sites like that way you’ll know exactly which traffic sources work and which don’t.

Send the traffic to your squeeze page, at least 500 clicks before you can make an educated decision whether or not it converts for you. If not then do your research find out what works for others and start split testing until you are happy with the conversion rate. Anywhere over 35% conversion rate is considered good in the industry. After a lot of testing my pages tend to convert between 50 and 55 %.

Email your list daily with your offers

Email your list every day (even the weekend). That’s usually where new list builder gets it wrong. They are worried about upsetting their list, that they will unsubscribe or complain. So they email them twice a week with free PLR offers or free pdf reports hoping that they will feel grateful for all the gifts and that one day they’ll buy something from them…..

That never works!! If you treat your list like that the first email you send with an actual pitch, you’ll get bombarded with complains, insults and unsubscribes. Trust me I’ve learned the hard way.

You are an online marketer!! Selling is what we do!! Don’t be a shame of it, it’s the ONLY REAL way to make money online. You should only have offers that can really help your customers so why not be proud of them. EVERY PRODUCTS on my list can and will make you money if you do something with them. No scammy Jvzoo products, HYIP or shiny objects in my email follow up. (I like to be able to look at myself in the mirror lol). If people unsubscribe anyway then it shouldn’t be a problem for you. It means your audience is that much more targeted and will increase your email opening and click-through rate.

What you can expect to happen next

Obviously, there is a cost attached to all of this and it’s very rare that you’ll break even on your advertising campaigns, let alone make money. Fewer than 3% of your leads will actually buy when they see your offer for the first time. Most of your sales will come from your follow up. Sometimes you’ll see a return on your ads spends after 30 days or more. (you’ll only know that if you are tracking of course) You can email someone for a all year before they buy anything from you!!!

This is why people quit building their list before they reach any kind of ROI. It’s was a huge problem for me because I did not have a big advertising budget and did not know what I was doing ( even If I thought I did). I “quit” list building twice before actually doing it right.

The Self Liquidating Funnel

If only there was a way to make money or break even on your ads spend while building a list. Spend $300, make $300 or more in sales, build your list, rinse and repeat.

It’s the ultimate Unicorn in the online marketing business regardless of the niche.

I thought it was just a myth until I learned how to build and operate my own “ Self Liquidating Funnel”. This was a BIG aha moment! This funnel allows me to make money even from the people that choose not to sign up for my offer!!!

It’s a simple change to your normal squeeze page but one so powerful that you’ll finally be able to make money or at least break even with all of your campaigns. it changes everything! Before you know it, your list will hit 5000 subscribers and you will be making sales on the front and the back end. It will compound and all that is left for you to do will be scaling up!

FAIR WARNING!!! This will cure your “shiny object syndrome” and will get you off the bizopp hamster wheel.

I want to show you how to build BIG responsive email lists that will turn you into a super affiliate and become Big List Boss!!

If you do take me up on this, you’ll have access to:

  • DFY squeeze pages that convert at 50%,
  • All the targeted traffic you can handle
  • DFY 90 days emails follow up
  • Never ending supply of quality offers to promotes to your list
  • Your own Self Liquidating Funnel
  • And all the training you’ll ever need to make it online.


To your success


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