Think you know your Goals? Try this first.

If you read my first and previous post “The Brand Spanking New Successful You“ you will have hopefully understood the power of setting up goals. Learning this skill as soon as possible will save you years of wandering aimlessly. There is no getting around it. Setting your goals is the first thing a mentor or coach will…

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Welcome to my very first Post on my very first Blog

As you probably worked out by now my name is Fred. I have been thinking about opening a blog about digital marketing for a couple of months now. I feel that there is a lot that I can teach people that are willing to learn how to make money online. I talked about it with my…

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The Brand Spanking New Successful You

At long last! You are ready for the brand spanking new successful you! Ready for the 2.0 upgrade! Good for you! But How do you become a better version of yourself? Where do you start? Well, setting up new goals is always a good place to start. Goal setting is essential to driving your day to…

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