The Brand Spanking New Successful You

At long last! You are ready for the brand spanking new successful you! Ready for the 2.0 upgrade!

Good for you! But How do you become a better version of yourself? Where do you start?

Well, setting up new goals is always a good place to start.

Goal setting is essential to driving your day to day journey to success, whatever that might be. You might want to be a better Athletes, Mum, Husband, Sister, Chef, Marketer, Frogman etc….In the long run, you will be amazed at the strong benefits it can yield in all aspect of your life. Setting clear Goals will put you in control of where you are heading and how hard you are willing to work to get there. Knowing exactly where to focus will help you get rid of all distraction and create the momentum needed to achieve your goals. It will focus your mind and help organise your day to day routine.

By setting clear goals for yourself you will be able to:

  • Take Action (One if not, THE most important thing in IM)
  • Get organised
  • Boost your motivation and self-worth
  • Get rid of all distractions

Here is how I go about setting my goals.

First things First, ask yourself:

what is it that I want to achieve in my lifetime?

Your lifetime goals will dictate your actions and decisions. They will be your compass to success. So once you know what they are all your thoughts and attention should be centred around this goals!

Obviously, LifeTime Goal can be a bit vague, like, I want to be happy/rich/strong/good looking/black.

So you’ll need to narrow it down a bit. Here are some of the key areas that you can focus on:

  • Health
  • Family
  • Love
  • Work
  • Money
  • Pleasure
  • Friends

You’ll need to break down each into smaller categories. As in:

Health = Sport / Food / Stress / Mental Health / Addictions / Bad Habits and so on and so forth….

Take your time and think about each one and list your goals for each category. Your list can be long and exhaustive or as short as you want! Remember: YOU set YOUR goals, only YOU know what it should be – NOT your family, NOT your friends, NOT some half-baked IM guru and certainly NOT me!

It’s up to YOU and NO ONE ELSE!

Make sure to take all the time you need to go over your goals again and again. Build a clear picture of what they are. And KEEP AT IT!!! Keep tinkering with them as you go along. You WILL achieve your goals and as you DO others will come to light. It’s a never ending, ongoing process! The day you stop setting goals up for yourself is the day you are ready to retire.

From that point on your goals will be your guide. Start Scheduling your weeks, months and years around your goals nothing else matters!! Make a daily list of actions you need to take to reach your goals. It can be anything like reading a book or two every week/month, running more, give your kids more time, be more patient, be a better lover or stop being such an asshole!

Anyway, WHATEVER it is YOU choose to do! YOU need to put your learning cap on! YOU need to invest into your education. Invest time and learn new stuff. For example four years ago I decided that whatever happens I will go to bed wiser than I was when I woke up.  It’s been really hard to maintain this throughout and sometimes I went to bed even dumber than when I woke up (if that’s even possible) But In the long run I sure learned A HELL OF A LOT!!!

Never forget that the road to success is paved with obstacles for you to overcome… and… most of those obstacles begin in that thick head of yours. Develop the miracle of self-discipline my friend.

Now, I know what you are thinking: “That’s easy for you to say Fred!” and you would be right!                       But trust me, it wasn’t easy to put into practice!

If you knew me you would know how difficult it was for me to be self-disciplined but I reasoned that it’s probably a lot harder to be broke than to be successful! So I decided to be successful!

As I’m writing this it all seems pretty obvious but it wasn’t always like that. I had to learn this stuff. First, the hard way (but that’s another story) and after running wild for a few years, my mentor was able to put it into perspective for me.


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till next time


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