Medalists Vs also-ran

Can you be honest with yourself? Seriously? Seems like an obvious answer to a simple question, however,
even though you’d have to be a crazy to lie to yourself purposely, a lot of people do lie to themselves.

There’s something to be said about denying reality.Ignorance can be bliss, at least until reality catches up with you (and it always does).

Personally, I’ve learned many years back, that everybody can be dumb from time to time. It’s human nature. The faster you get that, the less time you’ll spend giving a damn what other people think of you.

Learn the power of loosing your inhibitions, my friend.

Besides, The biggest lessons are learned by getting things wrong, mocking it up, making a mess of it…….     I get things wrong a lot. Just the other day I sent the wrong set of e-mails to the wrong list. And let me tell you I’m not about to do that again. I learn a lot as a consequence of being wrong… a lot!

Anyway, there I go rambling on again, off on another tangent. It never stops.

So… Can you be honest with yourself?

Let’s take a look at the difference between the medalists and the also-ran. The difference between winners and losers.

If you find yourself in the also-ran category more often than not; just keep it to yourself and realize you can change directions anytime you damn well please.

Okay, let’s take a look-see…

The also-ran complains about not getting enough opens and clicks with their emails, as if they are the determining factor when it comes to actual results.

The medalist doesn’t pay much attention to opens and clicks. He realizes that most often, lower opens and clicks lead to more sales.

The also-ran doesn’t email frequently because he knows that when he does, he’ll more than likely get more unsubscribes.

The medalist doesn’t care about unsubscribes, and rightly so. She knows all too well that unsubscribes are part of the filtering system to keep a list of ONLY targeted prospects.

The also-ran moans about not getting massively high conversions on their blind-optin squeeze page.

The medalist understands that the higher opt-in conversions they get on their landing page, the less targeted their email list usually is.

The also-ran spends a lot of time and money on building an email list (not always bad) The medalist, however, understands that until you know how to write emails that engage, and convert, that time is largely wasted on building a big ass list in the first place.

The also-ran gets most of their knowledge from popular forums. They take in the stuff that seems like it could work, rather than testing to make sure it actually does.

The medalist focuses attention on just a very few marketers and strategies and ignores the rest.They suffer less with Info overload and shiny object syndrome as a result. Because of this, they find far more energy to focus on the most Important “foundational” skills that keep in line with the 80/20 rule which is working in every person’s life and business.

The also-ran constantly looks for a magic bullet inside a $10 product. You can see these people, out in the wild, over at the WSO section of the Whiner Forum.

The medalist looks at what is needed to take their business to the next level, and goes out and finds the best product for that task, regardless of price.

The also-ran wants success, like… yesterday… and that Intention keeps them from working on skillz that will have greater value further down the line.

The medalist treats their business, like a business. They focus on the hard and necessary tasks even if there are no promises of instant fixes or gratification in the form of an end result… Immediately after completion of that task.

The also-ran blames the product creators and their products for their own lack of results.

The medalist rarely blames products and product creators for their lack of results, b’cause they realize they are partly to blame. If they get shafted; they learn from the process.

Medalists are thinkers. They know when a product sounds too good to be true.

I think that’s enough. To be fair, we could have gone on all day with this. Be honest though. How many times have you thought like the also-ran? Be honest.

But Even the also-ran can be a medalist with the right kind of direction. Change what needs to be changed. And then mosey on over to “LEARN THE 3 CRITICAL BUILDING BLOCKS TO ONLINE SUCCESS” to get the real learning on.

One last piece of wisdom from me before I let you go and I know this is going to sound obvious to some, but….

When it comes to success; the years months and weeks are not as important… as the days.

Told you it was obvious. But It’s also profound. YES. PROFOUND.

What you do today is more important than what you do tomorrow. What you achieve next week, next month and even next year is solely determined by how successful you are… TODAY.

I know… I know… I sound like a self-help guru 🙂 You want success?

Make today a success. Not tomorrow. Have enough successful days, and compounding will take care of the rest.

It’s my excuse destroyer. There’s no excuse to not make today successful. Forget about tomorrow; it’s just today… in the future. However… The trick is to NOT overload your to-do-list with a million tasks.

Compounding works best with consistent small steps, than it does with bursts of productivity; followed by a hibernation period where you do bloody nothing.

Did I mention it was obvious? I did, didn’t I?

So, go here next if you want a proven strategy to follow


All The Best,


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