Making Money Online, sounds good! Where should I start?

Making Money Online, sounds good! Where should I start? That’s the first question that came to me straight after I decided to give this all making money online thing a go. I looked at a bunch of different things, lots of company claiming to make you money through lending or recycling plastic and other non sense. (actually bought into the plastic recycling opportunity, not proud of myself…)

I soon found out that they all fall under a category of business that YOU DO NOT want to get involved with H.Y.I.P (High Yield Investment Program) do yourself and your hard earn cash a favour and stay away from those. It doesn’t matter how tempting they are and how much money they claim you’ll be able to make it’s all BS. Don’t do what I did, don’t invest in HYIP. The only way you can make money with those is to promote them early before they inevitably crash and in turn become a scammer yourself. You don’t want to be that kind of person. Keep your money for a real business.

Then I discovered affiliate marketing. Now THAT made sense to me you sale something, you get commission!! easy right? So, what the heck am I gonna sell anyway? I was discussing it with a good friend of mine and he said “Why don’t you start a blog about comic books? You love that stuff and you could find a way to sale some!!” Great idea, I thought I DO love comic books. I’ve been reading them since I’m 12 and know this crazy wacky world better than most people.

So what do I need to start my online business?

  • I need to learn how to create and run a blog
  • I need to learn how to create videos and articles reviews of comic books and other related products
  • I need to learn about getting traffic to my blog
  • I need to learn how to convert that traffic into sales
  • I need to find a company that will pay me commissions
  • I need to learn how to capture my audience emails contact
  • I need to learn about email marketing

That’s a BIG learning curve that I knew I needed to go through but it wasn’t the first time I took on something I knew absolutely nothing about. I know I’m capable so why couldn’t I live from my passion for comic books.

But where on earth was going to learn all that stuff? Would I have to go back to school? To get a grade? As usual I turned to google. Typed in “making sales with blog” and landed on my first jvzoo product offer. I can’t even remember what it was!! Some video or pdf training showing how to make $567,99 p/day without doing any work all you have to do is follow the “proven process” and you’ll be set for life…..

I look back now and I can’t believe I fell for that crap! And I didn’t fell for it just once! I did it over and over and over again. I caught what is commonly called in the industry “the bright object” syndrome. I Bought products after products, trying everything under the sun. Going from one system to an other. Signing up for all the training that I could find.

And guess what? I wasn’t making ANY money, I was spending it like there was no tomorrow. My wife, family and friends all thought that I was a gambling online, playing poker or something. I don’t blame them, I was pretty erratic back then. Nobody understood what I was trying to do and to be honest I’m not sure I knew.

But It was stuck in my mind, it’s all I could think about! I had to make it work! I remember sitting alone in my home office, alone, reevaluating why I was doing this and what had gone so wrong. My money was almost all gone and despite my best intention I had alienated my friends and family with no result to show for. My comic book blog had not even started to exist and I had absolutely no clue as to what to do next. I was a mess!

From then things went from bad to worse. My wife had contracted breast cancer, early stage thanks god but she had to go through surgery, chemo and rays. It lasted seven very long months and she’s now in completely healed I’m happy to report. It had quite an impact on us as a family the kids included of course.

So I did the only thing that I could at the time. I stoped trying to make money online, got a job and took care of my family. But I never quitted on my dreams, I took a break! I used that time to really think and work on my mindset and learn from my mistakes. I kept searching for the right business for me and my family. After what had happened, more than ever, I wanted to spend as much time with them as possible.

There was this one guy that I kept coming back to. He always seemed very genuine and kind. I remember watching one of his free training video and it hit me. He was right I needed to have high quality value digital products, which means building funnels, content, having a support desk, dealing with clients, have follow up emails that sales…. But most of all I needed a mentor but not the “fake until you make it jvzoo guru” kind but the “I’m a recognised and respected successful marketer” kind.

So with what little cash I had left I joined his mentorship and franchise program. And to be honest I don’t think there is anywhere online that offers this level of service and training. I realise how much lies and untruth I’ve been fed by the so called gurus and product pushers. And I’ve made a promise to myself to never be one of those. I want to bring you real training, real value and a real way out of the rat race.

Thanks to the training and taking action I’ve already made multiple sales and had my first $1000 day and like my now business partner and mentor keep saying it’s only the beginning. It’s an amazing feeling and I want that for you too.

I invite you to watch this brand new video training by my mentor, it will very likely change the way you look at online marketing for ever.


Keep an eye out for future post, I will be reporting on my progress and bringing you valuable tips to start your very own online business.

Thanks for reading, looking forward to connect.

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Remember it’s better to take a break than quit on your dreams.



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