My name is Fred Gibert. I’m a digital Marketing Strategist and Cryptocurrency Enthusiast.

My goal and passion is to help people build a profitable business onlione.

I’m blessed to have been with my wife for 16 years. Together we had 2 incredible children.

I’m a dropout! I left “normal” school and started work when I was 14 as a trainee Waiter/Barman. I moved from Normandy to London when I was 17 and worked in different pubs/restaurants/clubs up into my early 20’s (and partied a hell of a lot!).

I got my first break away from catering and started to work in the film industry! First as a runner/studio assistant and in my 10 years career built my way up the ladder as a well-established sound post supervisor working for this major studio in London (and yes, there was a fair amount of partying too, haha!).

But, like in most jobs, after a few years of working long, demanding hours and not seeing my family, I got bored and dangerously near burnout! Most people didn’t understand why I was not happy with my great job. I was earning good money, it’s true. But I was working very hard for it! In fact, it felt like all I was doing was working and paying the freaking bills (excuse my French!!)

I was missing out on my girl growing up and that time was lost to me forever! I was so frustrated, it was time to make a change and get out of my comfort zone!

So we decided to move back to France, where we started a new life. I opened a music label with a very promising band with me as the manager.

In the first year we produced an EP and toured in France and the U.S. People loved the music and the future was looking bright…!

By the end of the year the band met another record label with more experience and money. So they fired me and my label with not so much as a thank you. Never saw it coming… 2 years of unpaid work flushed down the drain!

This hit me hard. The band were close friends, the singer was supposed to be my son’s Godfather. It was a very painful time. I was so gutted that I left the music industry. The band imploded a few months later. There were no winners!

So, with no idea of what the hell I was going to do with my life, I took to the web to try and find a sustainable business model that I could leverage to create more time and less stress in our life.

I went through it all: HYIP, matrix, revshare, peer-to-peer landing, forex trading, pay-to-click, crypto currency mining…………. I looked at everything, got burned numerous times and fell for a lot of B.S. 95% of these so-called “opportunities” are mostly scams based on promises of making you money fast!

After doing my due diligence I stumbled across Affiliate Marketing. I could see lots of people were making a LOT of money, so I decided to dive right in.

And man, it was far from easy! I nearly quit a few times too. But I wanted more! More money, more freedom. I knew this was the right pass for me and I had to make it work.

So I worked hard! I started to learn and educate myself. I decided I was going to become an expert at this online stuff.

Fast forward to today and what I’ve learned and achieved up to this point has literally changed my life!

I have a hell of a different life now! And I want that for as many people as possible!

This is my story!

And I would love to know your story! I want us to get to know each other, that way you can see that I’m a real person, that I’m here to help and that you can trust me.

I’m super excited to welcome you to the world that sustains my life…. the world of dependable, recurring sales powered by a proven, time-tested strategy.

So, come on! Let’s start your online journey to success.

Your friend and coach,